Installation Guide

Step 1: Before installation, make sure the shower is OFF. Using an adjustable wrench, pliers and thread seal tape is highly recommended.

Step 2: Remove the existing showerhead.

Step 3: Connect Luminous Spa Massage Shower Head to shower arm with the shower hose included.

Step 4: Mount the shower head bracket on the wall.

Operation Guide

Charging: Use the magnetic charging cable to charge your Luminous Spa Massage Shower Head. When the product is in charge, the red indicator light is on. When the product is fully charged, the light turns green.

Note: When the indicator light flashes in red, it means the battery is low and needs to be charged soon.

Replacing Heads: Align the centre of the desired head with the centre button of the product. Press the head down to attach. When the head is in the right place, you will hear a sound, then release the button. To change the head, press the centre button and pull the head outward.

Using: Press the ON/OFF button to active the cleaning/massaging mode. The default mode is Mode 1 (High Speed). Press the Mode button to switch between four different modes. Different mode lights will be triggered accordingly.

Learn More: How To Start Using Your Luminous Shower Head

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