Who we are

Ventray is a company that specializes in small kitchen appliances and home accessories, dedicated to providing high-performance and reliable products from blenders, juicers, mixers to more countertop appliances for all modern cooking and kitchen needs. Welcome to the #VentrayFamily!

Our Mission

We at Ventray, believe that everyone should be able to pursue a healthy lifestyle with affordable and easy-to-use home and kitchen appliances. We strive to make sure that every one of our products are carefully designed, selected, and modified to enhance our customers’ cooking and living experience.

Our Vision

To bring convenience and happiness to every one of our customers’ lives.

our brands

Ventray Kitchen

Providing small kitchen and countertop appliances to modern home chefs for their smart cooking needs.

Ventray Home

A place to find creative and innovative home décor, accessories and more.

Baby Grow

We make sure the little ones receive the highest quality of food and nutrients in the safest way possible.

What Ventray users say about us

Ventray Canada Ventray Canada

“Providing my kids with freshly made juices at home just got a whole lot easier! I absolutely love the sleek design, the hassle free performance and the awesome quality of the machine!”

—— By Sam F.

Ventray Canada Ventray Canada

"Loving it! Way way less produce needed because it really gets all the juice out of it!"

—— By Adam W.

Ventray Canada Ventray Canada

“The professional power blender makes literary any smoothies in a blink of an eye and while you would just go and take a glass, the smoothies would be made!”

—— By @aroobakashi

We welcome you to join us on our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing journey and share all the benefits of conscious healthy living @ventraykitchen.
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